A Humble Inauguration

Welcome to the first blog post of the website. Here I will share my thoughts on the progress and challenges of ongoing architectural projects. I hope that what I have shared here will interest - or perhaps even inform - you in my process when developing a building.


Recently, I had to add a service stair connecting to the roof for an ongoing project. It presented a challenge as the house was conceived as a pavilion nestled in a lush, green surrounding with an extensive view of the golf course. Any added structure would be a visual obstruction to the landscape. At the same time, the idea of a roof terrace integrating itself into the backdrop of tree tops and open sky is very exciting. So, we needed a diaphanous staircase that does not obscure the view into the landscape and out to the sky. The staircase was finally installed and I think the result justified the agony of resolving the last minute addition. Now the staircase is more than just an access to the roof.